"Sometimes a house becomes so infested with termites you have to tear it down, and build again."

-Sisko: A ST:DS9 Character.


The original SSRG was founded by me, NO CARRIER, in the late 1990ís. It became an instant hit with Sonic fans worldwide and was a model for future Sonic hacking sites. Unfortunately, this success drew unwanted attention. In 2003, the site was shutdown after I grew tired of dealing with the antics of several heartless community members.

Fortunately, some community members were undeterred by these problematic individuals and have continued where SSRG left off. Even though the original SSRG is dead, it's soul continues to live:

  • Secrets of Sonic Team (SOST) - An online database of hidden oddities found in Sonic Teamís line of games.
  • The NEW SSRG - the webís premiere site for the Sonic game modding community.

    Classic areas from the old SSRG

  • The ORIGINAL Sonic and Knuckles Lock-On Technology Hacking Guide - An awesome document about how to mimic the famed "Lock-On Technoology" of S&K to make it work with Sonic 1, Sonic 2 Sonic 3 and any other SEGA Genesis game. (By NO CARRIER.)
  • The ORIGINAL Sonic CD Beta Page - The web's ORIGINAL website about the Sonic CD Beta ROM image that was discovered in 2002. (By The Taxman.)

  • For Reference

  • Unoffical history of the Sonic Hacking Community - An incomplete but unbiased record of the rise and fall of the Sonic ROM hacking scene. (By Nayr.)